Meditation and Learning

Meditation and Learning

 Turn to Your Inner Self

Nature is a wonderful teacher.  We can learn and grow through a variety of ways, spiritual, academic or through play.


The Chagdud Gonpa


Another very unique site in our county is the Rigdzin Ling, the North American seat of Chagdud Gonpa Foundation, Trinity County Chamber Member an international Buddhist organization.  Chagdud Gonpa is located in Junction City, just west of Weaverville.

This organization offers public talks and teachings by the resident lama, daily meditations, and facilities for personal and group retreats.

The Young Family Ranch

Young Family Ranch

The historic three-acre Young Family Ranch homestead is located in Weaverville, Trinity County, CA.

The Young Family Ranch has hosted a series of educational events for children and their families about gardening, nutrition, and natural resources.   Free community workshops on a variety of topics have been held such as good gardening practices, healthy soils and composting, fruit tree care, water conservation, rainwater harvesting, food preservation, beekeeping, mushroom inoculation, backyard poultry raising, plant identification, plant propagation and sustainable agriculture.

Other public-benefit uses of the Ranch have included University of California Cooperative Extension Service offices, Forestry Management workshops, nutrition education programs, 4-H Program, and Master Gardener Program.

The Watershed Research & Training Center


The Watershed Research and Training Center Trinity County Chamber Member (WRTC) is a community-based non-profit organization in far northern California. The WRTC’s mission is to promote a healthy forest and a healthy community through research, training and education.

Since 1993, the WRTC has been working to revitalize the economy of Hayfork, CA, by creating local restoration jobs and a culture of land stewardship.  The Watershed Center has been working on rural conservation issues for two decades.

Designed and built with grant funding, the Trinity Business Incubator is located in Hayfork, and provides warehouse and manufacturing space for new businesses. Now, Trinity Mountain Products, a display fixture business owned and operated by local residents, occupies a portion of the building.

The Watershed Center has two programs to help facilitate youth development, the Indian Valley Summer Camp and the Youth Conservation Crew. Combined, these programs serve local youth ages 8-18, providing summer education and fun, as well as job skills and conservation training. The Center serves between 60-80 campers each summer and employ up to 7 young-adults on the Youth Crew.