Plan an Event – Venues

Plan an Event – Venues

Places where your Event turns to Magic!

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Guests are sure to love your wedding, reunion or retreat no matter where you choose to have it because there are so many things to do in Trinity County.  The natural beauty of the county is as unparalleled as the fun activities!  Let nature be the backdrop for your big day with an outdoor event in spring, summer, fall or even winter (check with venues, some are closed during the winter season).

Not only are our resorts and lodgings surrounded by the beauty of Trinity County, but many also provide the facilities to put on a wedding or retreat for a large number of guests.  Check with each establishment to find their specific and unique offerings.  Some will provide adventures along with your event, such as; rafting trips, guided fishing trips, hikes, and picnics.

Our local community parks and halls can be used as event venues for gatherings, such as benefit BBQs, weddings, arts/crafts fairs, and sports competitions.  Our many restaurants provide satisfying meals to small or large groups.

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 Private Event Venues

County Parks and Facilities

Trinity County General Services provides rental requests for the Veterans Memorial Hall, Lowden Park, Junction City Park, and Hayfork Park as well as use requests for the Bandstand are received on a first-come basis (including annual events).

Applicants must fill out a use application, pay the appropriate rent and deposit before the event, and provide proof of insurance or purchase special event insurance.  Staff will provide information on special event insurance upon request.  For information or to be placed on the calendar, call (530) 623-1277 (Ext. 175).  Forms available at (530) 623-1326 Ext. 100

For requests for Lee Fong Park or the Lowden Park Pool, contact the Weaverville-Douglas City Recreation District at (530) 623-5925.

For information regarding the Hayfork Pool, contact the Greater Hayfork Valley Park and Recreation District at P.O. Box 1598 Hayfork, CA 96041.