Wine and Food

Wine and Food

Turn Local for Trinity County Produce, Wine, and Good Eats

Food & Wine of Northern California

Many visitors to Trinity County ask about how to have an authentic experience and feel what it is like to be a Trinitarian. There is no better way to be local than by experiencing Trinity through its  locally grown foods.

Trinity County has a growing agriculture industry with the goal to supply our restaurants and schools with high quality products. Our Trinity County wineries produce wonderful and unique wines for almost every taste. You can find many of these products showcased at events that are calendared throughout the year.

Each of Trinity County’s six regions expressed their spirit through their options of restaurants, cafés, and grills. Whether it is artisan wood-oven pizzas, gourmet burgers, or that amazing Trinity River salmon over risotto, our Trinity chefs welcome you to try something new.

While in Trinity, explore our

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Restaurants/Cafes/Coffee Houses/Saloons

The larger communities in Trinity County offer local restaurants, cafés, and grills to quiet your hunger. Below are some quick references to local dining:

Weaverville/Douglas City

  • Aztec Grill & Redwood Market,  930 Main St,  (530) 623-1101 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Burger King,  Hwy 299,  (530) 623-6208
  • Cafe at Indian Creek Lodge, Hwy 299, Douglas City, 530-623-6294 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Diggins, The , (cocktails) Main St., 530-623-3423 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Holiday Market, S. Main St, (530) 623-2494 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • La Grange Cafe,  (cocktails & restaurant) 520 Main St,  (530) 623-5325 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • La Casita,  570 Main St,  (530) 623-5797
  • Mamma Llama Eatery & Cafe, (& coffeehouse)  490 Main St,  (530) 623-6363
  • Miller’s Drive-In907 S. Main St,  (530) 623-4585 (CLOSED)
  • Mountain Market Place Organic & Natural Foods (Deli)508 Main St,  (530) 623-2656
  • New York Saloon, (cocktails), 533 Main St .530-623-3492 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Nugget Restaurant, 790 Main St./Hwy 299,  (530) 623-6749 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Red Dragon, 625 Main St, ( 530) 623-3000
  • Red House Coffee House,The,  86 S. Miner St,  (530) 623-1635
  • Round Table Pizza,  120 Nugget Lane,  (530) 623-4551
  • Stagecoach Pizzeria & Cafe, 529 Main St., (530) 623-2663 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Starbucks ( in Holiday Market), S. Main St.,  (530) 623-2494 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Subway,  1313 S. Main St,  (530) 623-8645
  • Susie’s Bakery,  1260 S. Main St.,  (530) 623-5223
  • Tangle Blue Saloon (cocktails & pizza), 160 Nugget Lane,  (530)-623-4436
  • Trinideli, (restaurant & deli)  Hwy 3 & Center St,  (530) 623-585
  • Trinity Alps Golf Club Bar and Restaurant, 130 Golf Course Drive (530) 623-6209


Hayfork & Hyampom

  • Brews & Screws,  (Cocktails & Hardware) 22517 Hyampom Rd, Hyampom,  (530) 628-4860
  • Casa de Castellanos,  7130 Main St (Hwy 3) Hayfork (530) 628-5309
  • Irene’s Cafe,  7166 Hwy 3,  (530) 628-5385 (CLOSED)
  • Northern Delights Coffee House,  7091 Hwy. 3, Hayfork (530) 628-5246

North Trinity/Lewiston

Trinity Center & Coffee Creek

  • Bear’s Breath Bar & Grill at Trinity Alps Resort,  (cocktails & restaurant) on Stuart Fork River,  (530) 286-2205 Trinity County Chamber Member (Seasonal)
  • Coffee Creek Ranch,  4310 Coffee Creek Rd,  800-624-4480 Trinity County Chamber Member (Seasonal)
  • Mini Kat,  at KOA campground, Trinity Center (530) 266-3582  (Seasonal)
  • Timbers Restaurant at Trinity Lake Resort & Marina,  (cocktails & restaurant)  45810 Hwy 3,  (530) 286-2225 Trinity County Chamber Member (Seasonal)
  • Trailhead Pizza,  31 Pine Lane,  Coffee Creek (530) 266-3222  (Seasonal)
  • Trinity Center General Store,  55 Scott Rd.,   (530) 266-3393 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Trinity Mountain Meadow Resort,  end of Coffee Creek Rd,  (530) 462-4677  (Seasonal)
  • Yellow Jacket Eatery, corner of Mary Ave & Scott Blvd, Trinity Center  (530) 266-3866  (Seasonal)


  • Lewiston Hotel, (Cocktails and Restaurant) 125 Deadwood Rd,  (530) 778-3823
  • Mountain Valley Grill4811 Trinity Dam Blvd,  (530) 778-3177  Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Twisted River Cafe and Grill, 4391 Trinity Dam Blvd., (530) 778-3232

Southern Trinity

  • The Journey’s End, (diner and saloon) 9001 Mad River Rd,  (707) 574-6441 
  • Mad River Burger Bar, 2515 State Hwy 36, (707) 574-6646 Trinity County Chamber Member
  • White Stump BBQ,  Mad River Rd.  707-223-0930 Trinity County Chamber Member (Seasonal)


Local Wine Tasting and Food Events

Alpen Cellars


Nothing is more relaxing than a visit to a Trinity County vineyard nestled in our scenic mountain valleys.  Trinity County features a number of quality vineyards and wines and  is quickly becoming a regional hub for award-winning wines.  Each wine reflects its unique climate and soil conditions.

Take a scenic drive along Trinity Lake to Alpen Cellars Winery Trinity County Chamber Member 530-266-9513

enjoy an afternoon picnic at One Maple Winery Trinity County Chamber Member 530-778-0716 in Lewiston.

Sumner Vineyard & Winery 844-430-4310 is in Hayfork Valley.

Merlo Estate Family Vineyards, 866-222-3313 in Hyampom

Alpen Cellars, One Maple Winery and Sumner Vineyards are located in the 96,000 acre “Trinity Lakes” viticulture area, recognized for its unique growing conditions.  Alpen Cellars and One Maple vineyards have scenic picnic areas for your enjoyment.  Sumner Vineyards give tours by appointment.

You can buy Trinity County wines at Tops Super Foods Trinity County Chamber Member and CVS/pharmacy in Weaverville.  They are also served at many restaurants and cafes in Trinity County.


We have some very interesting and entertaining events which showcase our local wines and food products.  You can ‘taste local’ at the:

Almost all Trinity community organizations  host fundraising dinners, BBQ cook-offs, and breakfasts throughout the year to support our volunteer fire departments, Lions Club charity projects, high school scholarship program, Rotary projects, libraries, museums, and many other causes. These events are a great opportunity to meet local Trinity citizens, support Trinity’s rural lifestyle, and enjoy some great food.

You can find a calendar of all upcoming food events in the Trinity Journal’s calendar and the North Trinity Lake community calendar.

Food Events

Join us at one of Trinity’s major food events:

Local Produce


Nothing tastes better than locally grown food. Trinity is proud to have a growing food products industry that offers fruits, herbs, vegetables, meats, and wine.

  • Trinity Homegrown Foods
  • Trinity County Growers Association  – started in February 1990 to establish local farmers’ markets and promote organically grown, sustainable agriculture in our communities.  For more information contact Sue Corrigan at 623-6821 or 515-9275.

You can find locally grown produce at these grocery stores:

  • Mountain Market, Weaverville
  • Holiday Market, Weaverville Trinity County Chamber Member
  • Norel-Pom Natural Foods, Hayfork

Trinity County Farmers Markets are open each growing season. They feature locally grown fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, honey, and much more. Buy fresh tomatoes! Wide variety from cherries to beefsteaks, slicers to paste tomatoes, heirlooms and hybrids. For more information, contact

  • Weaverville Farmers’ Market
    Wednesdays from 4- 7 pm, Highland Art Center Meadow, Weaverville – For more information contact Chanda Johnson at 530-623 2380 or email:
  • Hayfork Farmers Market
    Fridays from 4- 7 pm on Hwy 3 across from the Post Office

The Cordtz Family Farm sells a wide variety of vegetables and fruit.  Check out their delicious raspberries (red & amber), loganberries, strawberries, nectarberries, and blueberries. They have fresh lettuce (several varieties), chard, kale, beets, snap peas, summer squash, cucumbers, onions, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes (including heirlooms), corn, peppers, melons, green beans, and eggplant, in season. Fall treats include apples, pears, pumpkins and winter squash. Purchase their fresh-picked produce at the Farmers Markets in Hayfork. For more information about purchasing their produce, contact Larry, Debra or Heather Cordtz at 530-628-4750 or

The Mountain Mystery Garden offers fruits, vegetables, herbs and nursery plants. Check out their offerings at the Weaverville Farmers Market or call Robin Krumbholz at 530-623-4246, for more information on what’s available.

Try Trinity Alps Honey, courtesy of hard-working local bees. Their wonderful varieties, including Mountain Blackberry, are available at Mountain Market in Weaverville.