Winter Sports

Winter Sports

More Adventure when the Season Turns


While there aren’t any developed facilities for winter recreation in Trinity County, there also aren’t any restrictions on where cross-country skiers, sledders, snowboarders and snowshoers can go on the national forests once the snow flies. Roads and trails in the higher elevations of the Trinity Alps offer untracked skiing for cross country skiers who don’t mind ungroomed snow.


The most popular cross country ski areas are Scott Mountain, Coffee Creek Road, Weaver Bally and Hayfork Mountain. Trails can be found on Forest Service and topographical maps. Anyone venturing out should be knowledgeable on avalanche safety, carry proper gear, be prepared for changeable weather conditions, including rising creeks, and to always obtain a free wilderness permit first.

Snow itself may be the only limiting factor other than a few locked gates and unplowed roads. The best advice is to take the four-wheel drive to where the snow begins and ski or shoe from there. Even where access roads may be closed for winter, the snowed-in tracks make great trails for winter recreating with no expensive lift tickets to buy or lines to stand in and the views are phenomenal!

Most campgrounds are closed during winter, but some remain available year-round with reduced services. The district ranger stations offer detailed information on available facilities, road and trail closures, current weather conditions and trip planning advice.  In the Trinity Center area, Ripple Creek Cabins are open year-round.