Mountain Biking and Competitions

Mountain Biking and Competitions

Pedal through the Mountain Turns

Trinity County is a mecca for mountain bikers

Trinity Trail Systems

Our premiere network of trails is the Weaver Basin Trail System. The trails offer an epic combination of single tracks. The 2015 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championship was held on these trails.

These community-managed trails follow the gold mining ditch lines as they traverse the mountain sides surrounding Weaverville, making for multiple easy access points from town. You won’t find a terrain park here, but there is plenty of technical single-track to keep you focused and in the zone.

Elsewhere, countywide trails afford experiences for the novice and experienced biker. Some trails are moderately strenuous and the scenic vistas of Trinity Alps, Trinity Divide and Trinity Lake are worth the effort.

Mountain Bike Competitions

The biking trails of Trinity County are world famous. The The 2015 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championship was held on our trails. Races are held throughout the year, with a few annual races.

June: LaGrange Classic Mountain Bike Race

Each June, Trinity Trail Alliance hosts the much-loved LaGrange Classic Mountain Bike Race to the beautiful Weaver Basin Trail System in Weaverville, California.

At the foot of the Trinity Alps, this new race route will take you through conifer forests and oak woodlands and across historic mining ditches. Ford clear creeks and race on miles of challenging singletrack. Every effort has been made to avoid forest roads. There are two courses: Short and Long.

All proceeds go to fund Trinity Trail Alliance’s efforts to create a brand new bike park at Lowden Park.

Fun Everyday Rides

mtbike_pg2A great mountain bike ride for people of all experience levels is along the Trinity Lake Shoreline Trail/Minersville Trail that parallels the shoreline of Trinity Lake. The trail runs from Pinewood Cove to Clark Springs.

Either as an out and back or as a short shuttle, this trail skirts through the trees along a section of the Trinity Lake shoreline. On a hot summer ride, take a break and jump in the lake to cool off.

Of course, if you don’t mind putting on some larger tires and getting a little dusty, a whole new world of riding opens up when the Forest Service roads are included.

Within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest are many trails that will keep you entertained for days.

Two other areas of particular interest to mountain bikers are the Bowerman Ridge area near Trinity Lake and the Indian Valley-Butter Creek area near Hayfork.

Trail Resources and Videos

Weaverville 24: 2015 WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championship

October 3 and 4, 2015, the World came to Weaverville  for an international completion.

Please see our special Weaverville 24 page, the race website, and the race Facebook page for more information.