From Alps to Lakes and Rivers: Explore the Beauty of Trinity

From Alps to Lakes and Rivers: Explore the Beauty of Trinity

Adventure Around Every Turn

Trinity Alps California

With a county area of 3,200 square miles and not a single stoplight to slow you down, there is plenty to keep you busy and always something new around the next turn in Trinity County.

Trinity is best know for our:

During  your visit, you will discover amazing landscapes ranging from granite peaks of the Trinity Alps to the wide open spaces in parts of Southern Trinity. Take a look at our Calendar of Events to find your all-time favorite activity or a new experience.

Trinity Water

Serene  Trinity Lake, the rushing Trinity River and the magnificent Trinity Alps are the main attractions in the area.  Trinity Lake and Lewiston Lake are popular for houseboating, camping, recreational boating and fishing.  The Trinity River  (map) is a unique destination for river rafting, kayaking, camping and fishing.  The Trinity Alps invites you to hike on the many trails, camp in pristine natural settings or fish in cold, clear alpine lakes.  Photography is an essential way to send your time in the Trinities, whatever the season.

Trinity History

We are very proud our heritage and culture. The most outstanding mementos of our heritage are relics of California’s gold rush era. Gold was first discovered here in 1848. By 1850, the county was overrun with sourdoughs prospecting for riches. Even before the miners, the county was home to native American tribes. The cave at Natural Bridge shows petroglyphs and legends of that area, as well as one of the darker moments of Trinity County history.

Many of the artifacts of the gold rush era can be seen in the J. J. Jackson Museum and Historic Park Trinity County Chamber Member in Weaverville. Chinese miners also left their mark on the county. The Joss House State Park  in Weaverville provides a rare glimpse into their lives during that tumultuous period.

Trinity Arts

Trinity County also has a thriving art community.  Visit the Highland Art Center Trinity County Chamber Member and Main Street Gallery Trinity County Chamber Member  in Weaverville where local arts are proudly displayed, and local artists pursue their crafts.  Music and song have found a home in the Trinities.  The Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center Trinity County Chamber Member and many other venues throughout the county, provide a variety of music genres and stage performances.

Trinity Culture

Another very unique site in our county is the Rigdzin Ling, the North American seat of Chagdud Gonpa Foundation,Trinity County Chamber Member an international Buddhist organization.  It is located in Junction City, just west of Weaverville.  This organization offers public talks & teachings by the resident lama, daily meditations and facilities for personal and group retreats.

Trinity Fun

For those who enjoy playing in the dirt, you are going to love the Hay-Town MX track and Nor Cal Riderz .  This community built and supported dirt track venue provides racing opportunities for everyone, go-karts, hobby stocks, dirt bikes, tuff trucks, even lawn mower races.  The Trinity County Fairgrounds in Hayfork, the site of the speedway, is also home to the Trinity County Fair Trinity County Chamber Member in August.  Come join the fun!