Experience Trinity History

Experience Trinity History

History Around Every Turn


With a rich history of gold discovery, mining, logging, stagecoach routes, old family ranches, prospector cabins, and communities that have come and gone, there are bits of history in Trinity County everywhere you turn.

A wealth of Trinity history is archived, and alive, at the J.J. Jackson Museum and Research Center in Weaverville. The research center cares for country business records from the early years until 1950. The Museum has produced a chronology of Trinity County History  that highlights significant events.

Discover More History

If you would like to learn more about the rich and fascinating Trinity history, the museum produces yearbooks on various topics. Trinity museums collect artifacts unique to their area:

Haunted History

The Haunted Highway Tour showcases both the historical and paranormal events that the town has to offer. Visitors will tour historic buildings in downtown Weaverville where paranormal activities have been known to occur.

On the tour you will hear stories of other people’s experiences as well as participate in your own! Learn about the town’s history and residents and perhaps meet some that haven’t left!

Trinity Historical Sites

Trinity’s rich heritage is embodied in cultural and historical landscapes. These historical sites provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

Site Historical Designation Location City
Bowerman Barn National Register Guy Covington Drive Trinity Center
Helena Historic District National Register SR 299 Helena
Jumper Sawmill  Point of Interest SR 3 at Little Browns Creek Road Weaverville
La Grange Mine State Landmark SR 299, 4mi W of Weaverville Weaverville
Lewiston Historic District National Register Deadwood, Turnpike, and Schoolhouse Roads Lewiston
Old Scott Mountain Road State Point of Interest Trinity Center
Trinity Center IOOF Hall State Point of Interest Corner Mary Ave and Scott Blvd Trinity Center
Weaverville Historic District National Register Main Street Weaverville
Weaverville Joss House State Landmark SW corner SR 299 and Oregon Street Weaverville

Of Unique Interest

Walking Tours

Weaverville is filled with history. You can take a self guide waking tour of the Weaverville historic downtown and the Weaverville Cemetery. There are two versions of the downtown walking tour:

Three buildings, including the halls of the Native sons of the Golden West and the International Order of Odd Fellows, have outside spiral staircases from the sidewalks to the overhanging balconies of the second floors. These iron staircases are handmade by the town blacksmith. Since space was at a premium and all the buildings were wall-to-wall, the only solution was an outside front stairway.

The Trinity County Court House was built in 1856 and served as a saloon, store, and office building. It was purchased by Trinity County in 1865 and has been used continuously as a courthouse since.

Weaverville Basin Trail System – A Trail Through Time – download map of the Weaverville Basin Trail System with insightful historical information.

Weaverville Joss House State Park – The temple is the oldest continuously used Chinese temple in California. On display are art objects, pictures, mining tools, and weapons used in the 1854 Tong War.  Tours are on the hour with the last tour at 4pm. Seasonal hours.



  • Trinity County Historic Sites edited by Alice Goen Jones. This book lists 471 sites and provides 272 photographs. Available at the J.J. Jackson Museum.
  • Trinity County Historical Society