Edit the home page slider

Edit the home page slider

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 in HELP


All slider images are Posts in the Slides’ category.

To edit the text in one of the sliders images, go to Posts and filter to the Category “Trinity County Turns


Select the Trinity County Turns post  that has the same name as the headline of the slide you want to edit.

In the post’s Edit View, do the text edits the same way you would edit a regular post. The headline is the same as the headline in the slider on the home page, the content is the same as the text in the box in the slider.



To add or replace a slider image: Prepare an image that’s exactly 1400 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall at 72 dpi then use the “Upload Image” in the ET-Settings box to upload your image.

At “Read More Button Text” you can  change the Read More button’s text for this particular slide if you like. Default is “Read More.”

The Read More Custom Link controls where the “Read More” button in the slide links.