Trinity County News and Entertainment Guides

Trinity County News and Entertainment Guides

Turn to the Journal for News

114 B selling journals in front of breweryTrinity Journal being delivered in front of the Brewery

The weekly Trinity JournaTrinity County Chamber Member newspaper has served Trinity County, CA, for more than 150 years as an information source, a sounding board, and much more. Of course now, with its Web site and other electronic means of disseminating information, it is much more than a weekly newspaper, updating sites as quickly as news requires.


The Trinity Journal was born Jan. 26, 1856, when issue number 1, with completely handset type, came off the handpress in the Journal offices in Weaverville. In the 150-plus years since, it has never missed an issue — through fires, explosions, floods, snowstorms, electrical failures and other major and minor emergencies.

Seaman and Gordon produced the first Trinity Journal. Henry J. Seaman (1829-1874) came to California from New York in 1849 and to Trinity County shortly afterwards. In 1854 he was county clerk here and later a deputy sheriff. In January 1856, he was the first editor of The Weekly Trinity Journal. David E. Gordon (1831-1913) was not only the first publisher and proprietor of The Trinity Journal, from 1856-69, he was an influence in Trinity County until the time of his death. For nearly 15 years around the turn of the century, Gordon wrote long historical articles titled, “When Trinity Was Young” that appeared periodically in the Journal.

In the past 150-plus years there have been many publishers, some possessing the Journal for only a couple of years and some for decades.

The current publisher, Wayne R. Agner (1956- ) purchased the Journal in February 2009.

Other News, Activities and Entertainment Resources

Another source of news, editorials and opinions, is the Trinity Gazette Trinity County Chamber Member.  Diane Richards of Hayfork is the publisher and owner.  She describes the newspaper as “dedicated to liberty and freedom”.

The After Five Trinity County Chamber Member North State News, Arts & Entertainment Magazine provides event information and calendars for Trinity County and throughout the Northstate.

101 Things to Do Magazine Trinity County Chamber Member is an Activities and Explorations Guide for Residents and Visitors of Trinity County, other California counties and other states

KIXE-TV Trinity County Chamber Member is a not-for-profit, community, public television corporation with the responsibility to serve the interest, convenience, and necessity of its viewing communities. Among its many educational missions, KIXE is charged to utilize new telecommunications technology to enhance the station’s ability to serve the communities located in the ten-county area of superior California.