Road Biking and Racing

Pedal through the Mountain Turns


Trinity County offers the pleasures of road riding on lightly traveled roads.

One example is to park in Lewiston and loop out around on Trinity Dam Boulevard to Highway 3 and back to Lewiston via Rush Creek Road. Here you get to take in views of both lakes, Trinity   and Lewiston as well as the dam in between.

Road Races

Road racers also get their chance to explore Trinity County. The grueling  Hayfork Century enters its fifth year in 2013, growing bigger and better every year. If you’re a bike enthusiast looking for a challenge, breathtaking vistas and fun activities — off the beaten path — then the June Hayfork Century is right for you!

This 115-mile century challenges you with 10,800 feet of climbing in the Klamath mountains with spectacular views of the Trinity Alps and Mt. Shasta. Four other rides provide challenges for riders of varying abilities and distance needs

The Hayfork Century starts and ends in the country fairgrounds. Their maps are a good place to start.