Horseback Riding & Camping

Adventure Around Every Turn

There’s nothing quite like horseback riding in the Trinity County backcounty as you ride into the tranquility of fresh mountain air as you experience the beauty of the pine forests, mountain sides, streams and meadows of wildflowers. Many riding trails were used by miners, mule trains, cavalry, homesteaders, naturalists, and recreationalists for over 100 years. Many rides include forest service roads and technical, single track trails. Good horsemanship is paramount due to narrow trails with a long cliff drop-offs in some areas (similar to parts of the Tevis trails). Riding and camping resources:

Endurance riding is the fastest growing equine sport in America. An endurance ride is a ride of at least 50 miles in length over a premarked trail. The ride must be completed within a maximum time period and all horses must pass veterinary check points along the way and at the finish. Riders who complete the ride receive a completion award and those finishing in the top ten may stand for the Best Condition award. There is also an opportunity for people to enjoy shorter distances through the Limited Distance program which offers rides which are between 25 and 35 miles long. Several endurance rides are held in Trinity County.  Some include:

Coffee Creek Ranch